60-Day Online Business Accelerator

The 60-Day Course that teaches you the exact step by step process to test and launch an online business in a market you care about.

Utilizing a simple yet powerful business framework (The LEAP Process) that has been used for individuals and some of the biggest companies in the world.


What You Get with the Passion to Business Course

30+ Video Lessons

We have created over 30 videos for you to watch at your own pace allowing you absorb the content at your convenience.

6 Month Guarantee

We have a simple money-back guarantee, simply complete the course and assignments and if you do not feel you received the value you wanted you will get a full refund!

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

As a member, you will have access to our private weekly phone calls during your 60-day program to ask your important questions

Private Community

Be pàrt of our growing community of like minded people allowing you to collaborate and share the journey of starting and growing an online business

Tested Tactics

Years of experience have gone into the strategies you will learn in this program and apply in your business

Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to our content 24/7 without paying a cent more even if the pricing goes up.

More Information About the 60-Day Accelerator


We will guide you to ensure your success!

Week 1: Discover Your Passion & Areas of Strength

The best way to do something you love is to better understand your passionate work and your areas of strength. 

Week 2: Discovering Your Best Business Idea

The old model of business was to come up with your own business idea, lots of thought, guessing, and effort. In this module we show you how business ideas are generated today, through extraction, getting powerful business ideas from your target customer.

Week 3: Test Your Business Idea Realtime

Now that you have created several powerful business ideas it is time for the market to tell you which one they want most. In this module, you learn how to get real-time feedback on what business idea will have the most success. 

Week 4: Create Your Offer (Product or Service)

Now it’s time to create your offer, in this module you create the irresistible business offer that you now know your market wants. By creating a tried and tested offer it allows you to hit the market with momentum. 

Week 5: Build Your Funnel & Landing Page

In this module, we go over how to build your landing page, share with you the psychology of great landing pages and even give you the templates you need to have a pre-built landing page.

Week 6: Organic Traffic Generation

In week 6 we look at powerful and proven organic traffic generation processes, how to drive traffic to your landing page without any budget. We review case studies and real-time results on how to go about doing this.

Week 7: Creating Your Automated Sales Machine

The automated sales machine is the way to passively bring inbound leads, sales, and traffic. With the automated sales machine we show you the process to create recurring revenue and clients and how to automatically generate new business.

Week 8: The Most Powerful Sales System

We have spent 3 years dissecting the best sales programs across the globe to create the ultimate sales machine. How to sell in the digital age, in this module we show you the persuasion tactics to improve your sales abilities to close your prospect whether its an email, Facebook message, or a phone call. 

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